i wish i lived in a city … and had $3x

go see this moive. right now.

drop whatever you are doing and go see ‘sex and the city’ right this second.

because it is THE best movie ever made.


i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it. i love it.

and just to get this out of the way: if you’re thinking ‘crystal, who did you go see it with?’ the answer is me. myself. i went to see it alone. because i’m an independent woman.

and i hate when people next to me talk when they should be listening to classic theme music.

and also, my really close friend in wisconsin claims she is movie-narcoleptic. (as in every movie makes her fall asleep. every time. i know. lame)

i don’t want to ruin even one second of this seriously amazing movie for you, so you can click the ‘more’ link if you want to know what i think. but beware of the spoilers.

ummm. i think i love it. that’s what i think.

i love it almost as much as i love johnny deep.

you know what? screw it. i love this movie more than i love johnny depp.

true story.

and i hate that stupid boys who reviewed the movie said stupid things like:

SATC spends too much time dawdling


SATC seems too long (nearly 2 1/2 hours) yet too short (cramming in what might have been a season-long story arc). The Carrie-Big plot relies too much on contrivances and changes of heart that seem driven mainly by the need for conflict.

those boys are stupid. and they don’t understand women.

below is a list of things i love about the movie. and there’s some damn serious spoilers, so stop reading. right. this. second. if you don’t want to know what happens:

i love the beginning.

i love the fasion montages. like the one with the wedding dresses. and the one with the 80s clothes.

i love the parts where they buy stuff. like purses. and phones. and even cell phones.

i love when carrie gets left at the alter. i seriously cried. a lot.

i love that when carrie sees Big afterward, she runs over to him and hits him on the head with her bouquet. and while the flowers break over his head she screams ‘I KNEW YOU WOULD DO THIS’ (and anyone who says this situation is ‘contrived’ has obviously never dated a stupid boy. because i’ve slept with dated TONS of guys who would do something this unimaginable)

i love that all the old women at the theatre who had only ever seen the show on TBS let out huge GASP!s every time someone had sex. (umm. hellllo! have you SEEN the title? it kinda has the word ‘sex’ right in it).

i love that i was seriously surprised when i found out steve slept with another woman.

i love that when charolette sees Big she screams ‘I CURSE THE DAY YOU WERE BORN’ and then her water breaks.

i love that it was 2.5 hours long.

basically i just love this movie.

and you should go see it right now. and if you’ve already seen it, you should call me and we can talk about it. because i seriously love it.


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