what do you think of ‘awesomestblogeva.com’?

I redesigned my blog. did you even notice? gawd. it’s like you don’t even love me. (kidding. i know you noticed Aunt Sandy).

anywho, i’m pretty happy with it. (I heart pink. I heart flowers. and I heart italics. what’s not to love?) I actually splurged and paid $15 for the art you see on the top. seeing as how I’m a writer and all I like to be on the up and up when it comes to copyright laws.

the plan is to make my much younger (by like 3 years) co-worker sit down with me and navigate the wonderful world of domain names so I can get my very own url site. (I even have the meeting penciled in for Friday, Nov. 7). However, I’m having trouble coming up with a unique domain name so suggestions are more than welcome. the only stipulations I have are that I want it to be short and easy to spell.

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  1. Although HiAuntSandy.com is very complementary, no one would associate that name with you. I’ll ponder the request and get back to you.
    Aunt Sandy

  2. AuntSandysNiece.com is both complementary and associatable (sic).

    I just checked and I can’t believe it but GiveMeHugs.com is available. Also; LindellConfidential.com, CrystalBitMe.com, iHeart7LayerBurritos.com, JohnnyDeppTouchedMe.com, iCanHasBadGrammar.com, ImCoolAndFunny.com and of course CrystalSueLindell.com

  3. EveryFreakingFlake.com is available uhm…. IHeartCrackberry.com is available… ImFunnySoReadMe.com…. lots of stuff here…. CheeseEatingVegan.com… ReadMeALot.com

    OH! IHeartBlogging.com? Just a few ideas….

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