random thoughts (please induldge me)

• heck YA, i’m excited that gas prices are going down. We’re on our way back to $1 a gallon baby! secret plan includes stock piling it in my roommate’s garage by disguising it in cans of paint. Will resale when prices sky rocket after election. ergo, pay off student loans.

• I’m addicted to checking my bank account online every day. do you think the people at Harris keep track of how many times I do this? the sad thing is, because of their weird system, I’m not even sure what my “available balance” actually means. or how many of my transactions have actually posted.

• Guess what? I have good news. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico. (where have I heard that before? hmm.) seriously. I did. Progressive wanted to charge me about $230 per month. (yes. you just read “month.”) while geico will charge me a measly (ish) $180 per month. yay. (ish).

• in case you were wondering where all the office rubber bands have gone, I have indeed made a rubber band ball. from scratch. the secret is to start by wrapping a rubber band around another one and building from there:

my bouncing rubber band ball
my bouncing rubber band ball

• Can you people believe that the election is in SIX DAYS!! Holy moley!!!! seriously are you going to vote? who do you think will win? who? who? WHO???!!

• I wish my blackberry didn’t need to alert me every time i have an outgoing e-mail from gmail. seriously mr. blackberry, i sent it. i KNOW it’s out there.

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  1. Are those really ALL the rubber bands in your office? I made a rubber band ball once, and it turned out to be a LOT more fun than my aluminum foil ball and the poorly thought out post-chewed bubblegum ball.

  2. I wish the iPhone had some clever nickname like the crackberry. iCrack? Hmm… Anyways, rubberband balls are excellent and its my favorite color, blue. Suh-WEEET.

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