what the crap? sick in the summer?

ya. thank you very, very much ‘girl who sits next to me.’ apparently you gave me whatever you had.

because i woke up in the middle of the night with a sore throat.

and now i have a sinus headache.

and i feel achy. and fevery. and just plain icky.

and i KNOW it’s not your  fault. (it’s the stupid germs’ fault.) but i feel like crap. so im complaining.

that’s all.

spare a kleenex? i know you’ve got the hookup. you’ve been sick all week! — poor thing.


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  1. I apologize if I did make you sick. But for the record? I’m actually starting Week 3 of the sickness.

    And I can totally hook you up with Kleenex. Cause I just got a brand spankin’ new box last week.

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