I liiiike can-die’s! (get it? like the song.)



It’s time.

I can no longer wear my black candie’s.

they are seriously worn. out.

this sad truth hit me today during a meeting when i couldn’t cross my legs for fear someone would see the bottom of my shoes — which are cracked and, depending on the angle, show my actual foot.

also, the metal is poking through the heels. and yes it DOES make the ‘click’ sound you hear when i walk on a tile floor sound that much cooler. but it’s kind of tacky.  

also, the word “candie’s” is smeared on the inside from — i’ll just say it — foot sweat.

this is all on top of the fact that i’ve had to use super glue to connect the sole to the actual shoe. and even that has since worn apart again.

i just love these shoes so much.

i originally got them for my grandma’s funeral nearly two years ago. (for $50!) (that’s a lot of money).

and they have since walked in illinois, iowa, south dakota and wisconsin.

they’ve met governors, lovers and johnny depp (ok. they didn’t meet johnny depp. but i did while i owned them, so close enough).

they go great with jeans, khakis, and dresses.

and they have formed to my actual feet. so they are d*mn comfortable.

they’re just so cool.

and now i have to say good-bye.

because im scared that people are starting to talk about them behind their wooden heels — and they deserve better than that.

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