whatcha doing tonight? me? oh, I’m watching cnn and msnbc with a little fox

i’ve kind of been waiting for this day for a year. yes. a year. true story. “why?” becuase it’s super tuesday. duh.

I’m not going to pretend I don’t get high off politics just because i’m a reporter and stupid people think reporters are supposed to be completely unbias and therefore uninterested in politics. HELLO! it’s BECAUSE i get high off politics that I went into reporting. I get paid to follow this stuff. and then, I get to write about it. and i kind of like writing. kind of. and they pay me to do that too (well, pay is a lose term, but they give me a little bit of money).  

I, of course support (candidate x) and I’m really hoping (candidate x) will do well tonight (and by do well, I mean win every state).

So, tonight, all night, you’ll be able to find me sitting on my air mattress (or as i call it, my couch) with my little black end table full of pretzels, french onion dip, dasani water, ritz crackers and ramon noodles.

I’ll probably watch cnn a bunch (they ARE the most trusted name in news, or so they’ve told me), but when they go to commercial i won’t hesitate to go to msnbc. and when BOTH of those are at commercial I’ll suck it up and switch my tv to fox news. all the while, i’ll be getting my political txt updates and reading live blogging* on time.com. I’m not sure if that’s enough new sources.

the polls are starting to close now, so umm, I kind of need to direct my attention elsewhere. go (candidate x)! go. go.

*unrelated note, I think it’s downright hilarious that my blog** spell check doesn’t recognize the word blogging. hilarious. i’m even almost laughing.
**related to the unrelated note: oh, and it doesn’t recognize the word blog either. of course.
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  1. I’ve been watching CNN all night (while working) and I still have no idea what’s going on. I thought about calling you and asking you to explain it all to me, but I think they should just crown Obama — I mean declare him the winning — and get it over with.

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