i stress myself out. (and other people add to it)

hot d*mn it’s been a long week. sorry I’ve been away.

first things first, i got a new job. (!!!!!!!) here.

I start July 15. and im pretty d*mn excited about it.  

(wish we luck.)

as a result of this news, i had to kinda quit my other job.

that didn’t go so well — let’s just say they were super, umm, “sad” to see me go.

(for details on that seriously CRAZY story, feel free to get in touch with me one-on-one). 

and now i have to figure out where i’m going to live in chicagoland.

im thinking of mooching off crashing withpaying rent to my bff. but her house is like an hour from my new job, so I’m not quit sure yet.  

and of course, there’s always the possibility of living my mom. (hi mom!). but she’s also an hour from my new job.

also, i had to break my lease. (never fun). (anyone looking for a reasonably priced two-bedroom in Oshkosh? there’s a fireplace. and a washer and dryer.)

also, i stressed myself out so bad while deciding whether or not to take the new job that i didn’t get any sleep last week and ended up getting super sick. with a fever and everything. as a result saturday was given over to the nyquil gods.

also, last night, while i was trying to eat some ricecream (like ice cream but for vegans) i somehow slammed my hand between the freezer door and the fridge door.

that sucked. and now my pinky hurts.

also, my south dakota plates expire, umm, tomorrow. but im supa broke so i can’t afford new ones, and even if i could the local dmv is closed today, so ive convinced myself that my car probably will  be towed from my apartment complex parking lot the minute the clock strikes 12:01a .m.

and then i won’t have enough money to get my car out until July 11, and then they will charge me by the day and my life will totally suck.

(just another rational crystal fear).

also, i need an oil change and possibly new spark plugs.

also, my new job is doing a background check on me and im irrationally worried that i committed a crime im unaware of.

also, im running out of time on my ‘daily computer seesion’ clock at the library. so i have to get offline soon.

and now you’re ALL caught up on my crazy life.

I’ll blog again as soon as i can, but until then, check my twitter for clever one-linters that i can convinently update from my cell phone.

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dear readers, thanks for hitting refresh a lot.

hey there. hi there. hoe there.

sorry i’ve been away.

I was having an rockin’ good time at great america (more on that trip later).

but I’m back now. and I just want to say that I’m super-de-duperly excited that i ….

(wait for it).


for those of you who don’t know, i kind of love my little section of cyberspace the way normal people love children.

I started this thing WAY back in january, and it just keeps growing. day. by day. by day.

and it makes me so happy.

and one of these days im going to figure out how to make some moo-la off this thing so i can stop answering to ‘the man.’ (feel free to pray for me on that one). (also feel free to like just randomly send me money.) but until then, i’ll just keep begging people to read it.

Since ‘the only certainty is bad grammar’ started i’ve gotten pretty damn good at naviagatng the maze that is wordpress.

i’ve done simple things like ‘learn how to create pages’ (which difer from posts becasue the are tabbed above. go ahead. look.). I’ve done hard things like ‘learn how to add twitter’ (seen here to the right.). and I’ve done cool things, like ‘learn how to add a photo to a post.’

but mostly, I’ve just worked really, really hard to become a better writer. and I love that i don’t have to worry about editors here. and that i don’t have to be scared to be as creative as i feel like being.

of course, i also love that i can ramble on about johnny deppbein vegan, and puppies.

in conclusion, i just wanted to say ‘thank everyone. for caring about what i think. and write. you guys rock!’ 

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rollar coasters, sun poision and long lines. oh my.

I’m going to Six Flags Great America  on Monday. 

and you’re not.

and im d*mn excited about it.

you should probably be jealous of me right now.

My plans for the best day ev.a include, (but aren’t limited to):

  • riding the batman, and the raging bull and the log ride that gets you completly wet when you stand over the bridge afterward.
  • and maybe the superman. depending on how my day goes.
  • eating a tofurky sandwhich in the parking lot with my family.
  • spending $18 on a soda in the park 20 minutes later to get a cool cup.
  • wearing a sunscreen with an spf of AT LEAST 50 that i will rub on my scalp just to be safe because sun burn on your heard hurts when you have to use a blow dryer.   
  • having an AWESOME time.

i’m probably not going to be blogging much between now and then. (sorry about that.) but i’ll definetly be twittering (comments most likely will include things like “waiting 2.7 hours to go on the Whizzer” and “just paid $50 to park my car.”) so check my blog all weekend anyway.

and if you’re lucky i’ll be back with stories of how i went 160 mph in less than 4 seconds. you should probably be prepared to be amazed.

i know. im cool.

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