a radiant force of awesomeness

so my friend sandy is now claiming that she’s shy on the inside. and with God as my witness, I’m have to say i think it’s a d*mn lie.

I mean, it doesn’t make any freaking sense. the girl is like a radiant force of awesomeness when she’s in a room full of people. and to be perfectly honest, she’s like a radiant force of awesomeness when she’s just one-on-one with someone. she could make a newly orphaned child laugh hysterically. and she’s constantly going around telling people that she’s the funniest person she knows. which would offend me if it wasn’t true. so i just cannot understand how this beam of light that is my friend sandy could possibly be shy.

but alas, she insists that she is. and that she just sucks it up everyday of her life at her job where she talks to random strangers like it’s going out of style. and that she’s always been afraid to talk to people she doesn’t know.

if this is true, then i have to say, she’s has done one killer job overcoming her weakness and making a super-strength.

i kinda wish newspapers would be more like my friend sandy.

i mean, they have SO many weaknesses. like their inability to make money. or their inability to get readers. or their inability to keep up with technology. so just think. if they could overcome even one of those weaknesses and make a super strength, they could probably take over the world.

or at least find a way to pay me enough so that i could stop getting phone calls from creditors.

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a fit of creativity/ starbucks sucks and tricks people

so you know that image you all have in your heads about writers getting fits of creativity while sipping a mocha at a Starbucks? Well get rid of it. Because it is all just one big crap propaganda campaign.

That’s right! Starbucks doesn’t have free internet. I know. SHOCKING.

See what happened was, I lugged my little laptop to the local chain coffee store this afternoon (as I clearly said i would do on my twitter), ordered a raspberry mocha and a slice of lemon cake and was all, “you guys have free internet here right?” thinking, that’s such a silly question. of course starbucks, the coffee shop of all coffee shops, has free internet.

but no. it was NOT a stupid question. and the lady at the stupid counter totally tricked me by being all “umm, i’ll explain in a second. right. after. i. run. your. card. though. :: pause. :: there. ok. ya. we are a T-Mobile hot spot, or you can pay for a day pass.”

and i was all “im sorry. a T-Mobile what? what is this T-mobile. i know of no people who use them for their cell phone accounts, so surely you must be talking some secret language.”

and she was all “Huh? umm. ya. you have to have a T-Mobile account to sign on. or you could use a starbucks gift card for two free hours, or you could pay for a day pass.”

“how much is a day pass?”

random guy making coffee next to tricky lady: “it’s like $10. it’s not a fun time”

I’m not making that up. the man actually said “it’s not a fun time” in regards to paying $10 for something. don’t worry. i have made a mental note to use the phrase more to describe crappy situations. i.e. “I’ve given up taco bell for lent. it’s not a fun time.” or “i have to get an oil change. it’s not a fun time.” i foresee many uses.

anyway, the same man then explains to me that i can put money on a starbucks gift card, register it online, pay for coffee with it and then get on the internet.



so they tell me i can walk down to the local diner and get online free there.

except that when i get there the waitress is all “hmm. i do not know anything about computers. and i do not know the password for our restaurant’s wifi, so i cannot help you get online.”

again. not making this up. it is 2009. and a women told me she does not know anything about computers. in 2009! sigh.

i ask if there is anyone, in the WHOLE restaurant, who might know the password. she says no. and that right there, my friends, is how that diner lost my business.

so i lug my stupid laptop and my stupid starbucks coffee to my car and head over the local library. which is of course, where i currently am.

using the internet. the internet that runs slower than the sludge that is day-old coffee. the internet that i can perfectly well steal from my neighbors at home. but no. i wanted to go to the stupid local starbucks and have a fit of creativity.

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frick. the irs knows more about me than ME.

i almost just failed a quiz about myself.

the irs was all, we just need you to answer a few questions before we can give you your adjusted gross income.

me: ok

nice man from the IRS: what’s your social. (this one i answer with ease).

nice man again: what’s your address?

me: my current one? or the one i filed from last year?

man: give me both and we’ll see.

i give him both. but it’s neither.

me: hmm. well, i lived in Naperville for like a month, is it the one in Naperville?

nice man: yes. what’s that address?

i give it to him. but i cannot for the life of me remember the apartment number or zip code.

nice man now laughing at me: it’s ok. i can ask another question. what form did you file last year?

me: crap. i KNEW you were going to ask me that. i don’t know. the one turbo tax told me to file?

man: well. ok. it’s all right. you don’t have to get every question right.

me: i haven’t got ANY question right.

man: ok. ok. where did you work in 2007?

me: hmm. i worked in two places. i worked for gannett. and umm. the capital journal. who owned the capital journal? i cannot remember. FRICK!

man from the irs now taking pity on me: it’s ok. it’s ok. the gannett answer will do. here’s your agi.

and that’s when i realized that the government is wasting WAY too much time keeping tabs on me.

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