Traffic diaries

To: Man who was driving a motorcycle on Route 31 yesterday

Re: When I cut you off.

Dear sir,

I’m sorry. All right. I swear on all things drivable that I did not see you when I made that right into your lane on Route 31 last night. I promise that I always do my very best to be super extra careful around motorcycles whenever I see them because I’ve written articles about how very easy it is to kill someone driving down the road on two little wheels.

I always let them pass me, I make sure I’m aware of where they are, and I never turn in front of them. (Except yesterday, of course, but like I said, that was an accident).

So ya, I’m really, really sorry. And I just wanted to explain that there’s a hill on that part of the road or something and THAT’s why I didn’t see you. But don’t worry, when you flicked me off for a full 30 seconds while trying to kill me with your eyes, I saw that.

I did.

And I wanted so bad to get out of the car and explain that I was not in fact trying to kill your or anything, I just honest to goodness didn’t see you. I swear.

Also, you should think about wearing a helmet. Just sayin.’



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My life, in no particular order.

1. I signed up for Netflix to get a bonus for that stupid Social City game I play on Facebook because I have a crush on a 22-year-old boy named Jesse and he asked me to play. And then, when I got my first DVD in the mail, I accidentally ripped the return envelope, so I couldn’t mail it back. So, instead of putting it in a new envelope, I upgraded my plan so I could get another DVD and them mail them back together. All told, I’ve spent about $31 renting two discs from The Wire Season 1.

2. Commuting an hour each way to work still sucks for those thinking of moving an hour away from their jobs. I get so tired that I now spend an entire day each week sleeping during commercial breaks of USA network shows so I can recover from the drive.

3. The best part of living with April is that I can borrow her stuff!! Today, for example, I’m wearing some silver shoes she doesn’t like anymore and a set of bangle bracelet. Both are hers and both are fabulous! (Confession, the bangles are really annoying to type with, but I wore them all day anyway because they look so freaking cute).

4. I just had my mug shot taken for my newspaper and even though it’s only going to run in black and white I put on a full coat of make-up because I know that if I ever die in the type of freak accident that kills otherwise healthy 26-year-olds, my paper will totally run that photo large and in color on the front page.

5. WGN was at a meeting I that covered this week for work and I was in some of their shots and now I’m on TV!!! (HERE: I’m in the blue dress with the gray sweater, with a laptop in front of me. I dare say my leg looks pretty.

6. Mad Men, the best TV show ever in the history of all things, starts Sunday, but I don’t have AMC (the channel) at my new place. Do you think that’s the kind of thing I could go into Buffalo Wild Wings and request to be put on the big screen?

7. I have fallen in love with food from Panda Express and the accompanying soy sauce packets they hand out by the truck load. The only problem is that there’s probably enough salt in their food to make me pee ocean water.

8. We got our videos of the mission trip last Sunday and it rocks and if you want to cry and be inspired and have your perspective kicked in the butt in less than 18 minutes, hit me up and we can watch it together.

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Happy! Love! Joy! Starbucks!

Hello. My name is Crystal and it’s been five and a half hours since my last raspberry mocha from Starbucks.

It’s been rough, yes, but I’m still awake, so yay!

Guys, I’m seriously getting addicted to Starbuck’s again. It’s just cups full of happy happy love joy! And I have like an hour commute now, so my sleep time is about negative three hours a day. But with wonderful, magical coffee IT DOESN’T MATTER!



I do, feel like I’m basically just saying F-YOU to the developing world when I pay $5.67 for a cup of coffee, seeing as how I could probably feed like 37 people for a month on that in like Africa or something, but then, the coffee makes me happy and I justify it in my mind and everything is fine.

I need to get off the stuff though. Aside from the fact that it basically costs as much as my rent, it also has 3,000 calories per cup. Ish. Also, when it wears off I crash like a mofo. All, splat on my desk.

But I can quit anytime I want to. I swear. I totally can.

And I’m totally going to. Maybe. Probably.

Well let’s just play it by ear.

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