bad vegan math

OK, i seriously DO love. it. when people who make vegan food clearly state on the product “vegan.”

but im starting to think that the people who make these food products don’t really understand what vegan is, because a bunch of them are labled “100-percent vegan.”

true story. (note photographic proof above).

i know! right?

because the thing is, food either is vegan or it’s not. so if something is say, oh, FIVE-percent vegan, it would automatically be non-vegan.

saying something is “100-percent vegan,” is like saying someone is “100-percent pregnant.” or that your grandma is “100-percent alive.” 

in conclusion, if any of you guys out there were thinking of starting a vegan-food business — complete with packaging — please. please. please. take this post into consideration when considering your marketing techniques. also, totally call me because im looking for a new job* and i’d so be interested in working for a vegan-food business.

*note to current employer, im about 50-percent kidding on the whole “looking for a new job” thing.



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