Be here now.

When I’m sinking in an article – the world seems right.

As I’m constructing the story, and absorbing the interview notes, and carefully placing each word in each sentence, my surroundings fade away. I’m not worried about money, or car repairs, or bad dates.

When I’m leading the youth group – the world seems content.

As I’m handing out hot dog buns, and leading prayer, and connecting with a kid I never imagined I’d connect with, the stress blurs. I’m not strategizing office politics, or wondering if I’ll ever have kids, or concerning myself with the fate of health care.

When I’m eating pancakes with old friends – the world seems good.

As I’m discussing the fate of journalism, and looking through last night’s photos, and fantasizing about life in the city,  the self-judgment takes a break. I’m not tallying  omelet and syrup calories in my head, I’m not comparing my financial success to anyone’s expectations and I’m not wondering how my eyebrows look.

A friend told me she once had a professor who used to say: Be here now.

It’s hard though. People always say technology makes it harder, but it’s always been hard.

You have make an effort most of the time.

But in life there are rare moments when it just happens. Times where you’re living your passion, or finding a new one, or connecting with friends.

Thank God for those moments.

Thank God.

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  1. Crystal,
    I love this. You are so right. It is so hard to be in the moment. It reminds me of a book my in-laws gave all of us one Christmas called, The Present. It talks about how we need to enjoy the present and when you interact with others, it should always be seen as a present. Thanks for reminding me.

  2. dude, do these comments still get sent to your phone? did i just send an eyebrow comment to your phone? if so, i hope that makes you laugh amd smile a little, because it’s silly and life is like that sometimes. it’s silly like seemingly random eyebrow compliments.

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