boys love those royal tenenbaums.

why is it that every freaking guy im in love with loves “The Royal Tenenbaums.

dudes. it’s not a good movie.

i used to pretend to like it. all “ya. that movie ROCKS.”

but well, i had a glaring lack of related fan trivia.

then i tried “oh. ya. that movie. eh. it’s ok. ”

but then they’d wonder how i could have seen THE BEST MOVIE EVER (their words. not mine) and concluded that it was just “eh.”

the ugly truth is, i’ve never actually seen it.

i don’t have any desire to see it and i don’t have any curiosity about film. i honestly just feel like i have other crap i could be doing, like picking up dog poop. or flossing.

so can we all just move on and hug already?

and lucky us, i just happen to have a copy of “Blow” that i could pop in. i mean, who doesn’t love johnny depp? seriously.

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  1. How do you know it’s not a good movie if you’ve never seen it? But you’re right though, it’s not a good movie.

    It’s a great movie.

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