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Moving still sucks.

So ya, I moved to Naperville. I love it here! They have Whole Foods and a mall and my best friend and I just really love it.

Moving sucks so bad though. Especially when you try at all costs to avoid renting any sort of large vehicle or truck to get the job done. My little emerald green Ford Escourt has been through so many trips lately. For now, she’s hanging in there, but I’m sure one day soon she’ll through open her gas cap and yell “OMG GIRL! YOU CAN’T EVEN GET ME AN OIL CHANGE?? AFTER ALL I DO FOR YOU!! I HATE YOU AND I OFFICIALLY QUIT. RIGHT HERE. RIGHT NOW. ON THIS HIGHWAY!!!” And then I will cry.

Moving on, (Get it, moving. Ha.) I’ve been so busy lately that I when I went to Great America Monday, I literally fell asleep on a lounge chair by the kiddie water park area for like an hour while my mom and brother were in the lazy river. That’s right, I was too tired for even the lazy river. Pathetic.

Then, just as I was catching up on my sleep yesterday April talked me into giving blood, which, quite¬†literally, drains you. So, all I accomplished during the 11 hours I was awake was grocery shopping and watching the Daily Show. Oh, and, obviously, I save three lives. But who doesn’t do THAT on a regular basis. ūüôā

I feel pretty good now though, likely because I had raisin bran for breakfast. Bran’ll do that for a girl.

Anyway, short story long, April’s internet connection sucks, so blogging is going to be rough till we get that sorted out. I’m going to do my best to be on here as much as possible, but bare (bear?) with me till then please? Thanks!

For now, though, three cheers for Panera WiFi!

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Attn: Swimsuit makers of the world

Attn: Swimsuit makers of the world:

Why the crap are there no one-piece bathing suits in all the racks of all the stores on all the earth?


I need a one-piece for my church mission trip. (Church people tend to have, you know, standards and whatnot, you understand).

This shouldn’t be hard.

This should be fun. I lost a crapton of weight, and I should LOVE bathing suit shopping this year.

But no. NO! Instead, I am left to scour the racks of the old-women areas trying to find something that doesn’t look like it’s actually a dress made to cover every area of my body ever.

I don’t want a dress.

I just want something cute in ONE PIECE!





My sister was feeling my desperation so much that she suggested I sew two pieces together. Is that what this has come to? IS IT?

I’m at my wits end here people.



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In the red.

I’m totally broke.

$21 in the red broke.

But it’s OK.

It’s OK because I went for an amazing four-mile walk today, and I took in 79 gulps of fresh air along the way,¬†and it was warm outside, and there were like 30 hot guys randomly playing softball, and when I walked past them I felt pretty.

It’s OK because I just watched my super favorite show – GLEE! And it made me believe that I too could randomly dance to my favorite songs with all my friends at the mall.

It’s OK because I found out that a boy I’ve¬†literally¬†only talked to twice ever in my life thought I was pretty and wants to ask me to dinner, and I want to say yes.

It’s OK because I recently got all my student loans out of default, which means I’m no longer on the financial black list and can stop worrying that hit men are going to come and steal all my¬†possessions ¬†(including, but not limited: My picture of Johnny Depp and my Johnny Depp bag) because I never paid my student loans.

It’s OK because it could be so much worse.

Now here’s hoping I can make it to Friday $21 in the red.

I’m sure I’ll be OK.

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