I recently asked Cha-Cha  who I’m going to marry.

Er, well, I had my sister ask, “Who will my sister Crystal marry?” (I thought specifics were necessary).

The reply:

Maybe his name will be Chuck, and he will be a basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks.

Know anyone who fits that description?

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    Sorry, I couldn’t find him.

    Maybe he’s a free agent now … look for him to be traded…

    Hey, let me let Cha Cha stick to that. I’m in a completely different lane. 🙂

    I will say this, when I watched Brett’s press conference and then Steven Colbert’s impression of his return – I couldn’t HELP but laugh thinking of you.–8-18-10-in–60-seconds

  2. Zachery Levi plays Chuck on TV. And Chuck is on NBC which also has NBA games, so it’s likely that Chuck ads have aired during a Knicks commercial breaks. is this a stretch?

  3. on second thought, cha-cha doesn’t know what it’s talking about. i asked cha-cha what the best beer in the America is, and it said Budweiser. So, if the best beer in America, according to cha-cha is a mass-produced, tastless, yellow, fizzy lager than cha-cha has either never had beer or cha-cha is a faker.

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