I recently asked Cha-Cha  who I’m going to marry.

Er, well, I had my sister ask, “Who will my sister Crystal marry?” (I thought specifics were necessary).

The reply:

Maybe his name will be Chuck, and he will be a basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks.

Know anyone who fits that description?

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Comments (4)

  1. Kissie

    Sorry, I couldn’t find him.

    Maybe he’s a free agent now … look for him to be traded…

    Hey, let me let Cha Cha stick to that. I’m in a completely different lane. 🙂

    I will say this, when I watched Brett’s press conference and then Steven Colbert’s impression of his return – I couldn’t HELP but laugh thinking of you.–8-18-10-in–60-seconds

  2. diana

    better not be my chuck!

  3. SCVegan

    Zachery Levi plays Chuck on TV. And Chuck is on NBC which also has NBA games, so it’s likely that Chuck ads have aired during a Knicks commercial breaks. is this a stretch?

  4. SCVegan

    on second thought, cha-cha doesn’t know what it’s talking about. i asked cha-cha what the best beer in the America is, and it said Budweiser. So, if the best beer in America, according to cha-cha is a mass-produced, tastless, yellow, fizzy lager than cha-cha has either never had beer or cha-cha is a faker.


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