I said crap in church today.

And not just one of those under my breath “Crap, where’s my nametag?” craps. Or like a “Crap. What IS that woman’s name?” crap.


I said it into the microphone, because that’s how I roll.

I do the prayer in front of the whole church all youth-director style these days during first service, and before the prayer, sometimes I like to talk about God and whatnot.

And recently a friend of mine told me that the root of the word worship is dig, and that when we sing the opening songs (aka, WORSHIP) it’s a time to dig up all the crap in our lives and let it go so we can focus on God.

It’s something that stuck with me, so I decided to share.

All, “So, ya, it’s a time to dig up all the crap up our lives and let it go…”

I didn’t even think twice about it.

Or even one and a half about it.

But then, after service, I guess it got around that CRYSTAL SAID CRAP IN CHRUCH.

For shame.

I’m told “baggage” might have been a better choice or words.

I don’t know about you, but the crap in my life doesn’t look anything like luggage though. So ya.

It’s probably youth leader 101 or something though. “Find a way to say crap in chruch while talking about how awesome God is.”

A+ for me if it is.

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  1. i always thought people said crap as to avoid saying other words that one should definitely not say in church. am i to understand the replacement words are not, too off limits? how long until the word “baggage” is also frowned upon as it was used to replace “crap”?

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