chicago(land) is so cool

i came back to my old stomping grounds this weekend in the chicagoland area and im just going to say it — i want to live here so freaking bad. i do.

for starters, they seem to have WAY less snow than wisconsin. also, they have WAY more whole foods grocery storesĀ (which sell tons and tons of vegan items). also, a lot of my friends live here. also, its super cool. also, i just like it because it gives me that happy feeling i used to have when i was like 16.

and YES things cost about 300 percent(ish) more here than they do in the rest of the world. but HELLO! they have 300 percent more stuff here! (see above note about whole foods).

and it’s not that i hate wisconsin (although i do hate snow), it’s just that i miss being in my old stomping grounds. with my old friends.

a lot.

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