go jesus! it’s your resurection!

im kind of obsessed with my stupid march madness bracket, so when i went out last night, i kept explaining to all the boys i met that i had picked wisconsin to go all the way and that i was pretty sure i was going to win.

and then one boy was like “why did you pick wisconsin?”

i was all “because i LIVE there”

and he was all “oh. ok. i love brett farve”

and then we went to dance and he was trying to be clever and shouted “CHESSE-HEADS!” while raising his hands in the air.

but i thought he said “JES-US!” (it IS easter) and the tootsie-roll remix in the background made it hard to hear him.

and then my bff (who was dancing nearby with a boy who had a super cool iphone) was all “he said cheeseheads!” and i was all “oh! i thought he said jesus!”

so she was all “she thought you said JES-US” to the boy.

and he said “i did! i said cheese-heads” (clearly he couldn’t hear over the tootsie roll remix either).

and then my bff said “NO! JES-US!” and she did the crucifix in exaggerated motion to explain.

and then the boy said “OH! GO JESUS! EA-STER!” and he waved his hands in the air like he just didn’t care.

im thinking the whole thing makes up for the fact that i didn’t go to church today.

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