just a couple crazy vegan things

Lets talk about how people think they can relate to me because sometimes they eat vegetables.

There are some things we need to clear up.

Guys, I hate to be the one to break it to you, but having macaroni and cheese for dinner every Friday night doesn’t make you a sometimes vegetarian. look. I’m GLAD you found a way to sacrifice your love of dead animals for one little meal, but PEOPLE, that does. not. count. the whole point of veganism or vegetarianism is that i make daily, routine, constant decisions to avoid animal products every. single. time. i eat.

every meal. every snack. every drink.

that means, when i eat noodles and marina for dinner, that’s it. im done. i don’t get to go to mcdonald’s a couple hours later or the next morning and reward myself with a big mac. i don’t get to have a glass of milk. i don’t get to go out to dinner and order the chicken.

I get to wake up and make the next meal i eat vegan.

Also, while we’re on the subject, I would like to point out that i do in fact LIKE meat, and cheese, and dairy. that’s kind of the reason this is a sacrifice.

and if I didn’t like meat or cheese or dairy, then i’d have been a vegan for like 25 years by now. so don’t say to me “i’d be vegan, but i just like cheese too much.”

that’s just not how this works.

instead say “i’d be vegan, but i just don’t have as much will power as you do” or “i’d be vegan, but im just not bothered by the animal slaughter industry and don’t see any reason to be” or “i’d be vegan, but i disagree about your belief that humans were never meant to drink milk from another species.”

and just so we’re clear, if you just read that and once said to me “i’d be vegan, but i just like cheese too much” and therefore assume i’m talking about you – im not. im talking about you AND the 73 other people who’ve said the exact. same. thing. to me.

also, please don’t be offended. kind of like, i don’t get offended when you tell me im a crazy vegan.

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  1. Ditto SCVegan. Sometimes my (vegan) BF & I are surprised when one of our close friends/someone we respect *isn’t* vegan–or at least vegetarian.

    Thanks for this!

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