funny (stupid) things boys have said to me

> while laying next to him, i said “I like laying next to you.” he said: i wish i could clone myself, so i could see why people like laying next to me. moral of the story? when a girl says ‘i like laying next to you’ just say, ‘i like laying next to you too.

> while (another) boy was looking at my french manicure: ‘your nails aren’t even painted.’ oh yes. i just have supa whie tips naturally.

UPDATE: This is my first sucessful use of the write now-post later technology (aka, the time machine). and it seems to have been a succcess. now i just have to fix my flux capacitor and i’ll be winning tomorrow’s lottery in no time.

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  1. I admit it sounded pretty lame at the time. It did give us a good laugh though. I guess in this instance, it would be like someone telling you they loved you, and all you did was reply with “thank you”. For what it’s worth, I’m not sorry we met. I hope you’re recovering and resting well. AND STAY AWAY FROM CHEESE!!! That’ll plug you back up! Every time I have pain, it’s because I ate cheese! Not Parmesan sprinkles, but full blown mozzarella on pizza or sliced cheeses. Be well. I’m on Nutra-system now, and loosing weight like crazy. I havent had heartburn or upper body pain since I started. Maybe check into it. They do offer vegetarian foods. :o)

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