Getting in the mood

OMG guys, where the heck have I BEEN?

I’ll tell you  where. Social City. That stupid Facebook game is like some sort of social media crack poured on my laptop each day. I obsessively check it as soon as I boot up and then, by the time I clean my factories, build a new car dealership and fire the lifeguard at the city pool, I’m all computerd out and then I don’t blog.

I’m sorry.

I’m joining a support group though. The people seem really nice and they keep saying that I can solve all this with something called Farmville.

Speaking of Facebook, can you people please like me?? I takes less than a second to click my shiny, new, state-of-the art “Like” button at the bottom of my posts and it would make me so very happy.

So please, for me?

Moving on.

It’s SUMMER! (Ish) (Today) (Weather subject to change tomorrow).

It’s finally nice outside and instead of trying to hide my purple finger nails because I’m oddly colder than everyone else around me (true story), I finally get to be the one at a normal temperature while everyone else sweats too much and my company waits to turn on the air conditioner.


I’m so happy it’s summer that I wouldn’t even mind a little sunburn right now just to get in the mood.

Speaking of getting in the mood, dating life still sucks here folks.

I really like the 22-year-old, but he keeps being 22, so then I have to get mad because, for real, you can’t even make solid plans once buddy? Once?

Soooo, then I try to date other boys, but well, at the clubs all the cute ones are umm, 22 and that age doesn’t work so well for me. Then, I try to meet boys online, but that means I have to write all these e-mails and it’s so tedious and for all I know the guy on the other end is actually a 290-pound 12-year-old girl who lives in Alaska, so then I question whether it’s worth the effort and ya, I’m home alone tonight. The end.

I’m sure I just haven’t met him yet, as Michael Buble would say. But any day now would work for me God. Any. Day. Now.

In unrelated news, I think I’m going to dye my hair dark brown with honey highlights. This neon blonde is too hard to maintain, and it washes me out like I’m Tide unless I get a spray tan, which I think a lot of people think is weird.

I’m not 100 percent on the dark-brown thing, but assuming the stylist I eventually see when I eventually get money doesn’t think that will eventually make my hair fall out, I’m probably going to get aboard the brunette train for awhile. Do you think I’ll still have fun?

Serious question.

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  1. If you’re thinking about going dark brown and don’t want to waste the money at a salon, I’d suggest Garnier Nutrisse hair color in Sweet Cola. It’s dark brown, but a warm brown, not cold. I’ve been using it for over a year now every 2-3 months or so and it has taken very good care of my hair.

    I tried Perfect 10 once (you’d think cost more=better quality) and besides the fact that you get more post-color conditioner, it wasn’t that good.

    A pre-conditioner might not be a bad idea too since your hair is so light.

    On the dating end, anyone below 24 is completely bonkers, and then its still a gamble. I tried (which is free) which had a few weirdos, but I ended up going on a couple of nice dates before I started seriously dating someone at work. I’d give it a try, if anything, it’s really entertaining.

  2. Brunettes have more fun:)

    And I think the spray tan looks really good!

    And I won’t say that terribly obnoxious line about how you’ll meet him when you least expect it b/c frankly I think that’s a bunch of crap, but imagine how great he’ll be when you do meet him since he’s had some time to incubate. 🙂

  3. Yes, go darker. Or put red highlights in your blond. You are right. You are too blond at the moment. And, I think having fun has little to do with the color of your hair. It is attitude that determines “fun.”

  4. Thanks for all the hair-related advice guys! I’ll post pictures as soon as I get something done, which may or may not be like a month from now depending on my budget.
    As for plenty of fish – don’t worry Megan, I’m ten steps ahead of you.
    – Crystal

  5. so much going on here! Ok, i applaud you getting help for the video game addiction. I personally go to support/12-step groups a few times a week. Sometimes drugs, alcohol, intimacy addiction… i do not have these problems, but they have free coffee and snacks, plus the people have to listen to you talk no matter what you feel like talking about. It’s like having friends but without having to tell people your name or give them your phone number.

    to “LIKE” you involves clicking on an internet? Liking people and places, things, nouns in general use to be so simpler before people made you flip through facebooks to learn about their recent happenings. You could just say, ‘Hey, Crystal i like you! Here’s a puffy sticker.’ or something along those lines. And what happened to puffy stickers?!

    Summer: i’m for it!

    Dating sucks? nothing wrong with a good hobby.

    Hair color: all colors look good on you. no wrong decisions there.

    Brunettes have lots of fun. i think. i don’t really know. maybe i can find some puffy stickers and mail them to you. puffy stickers = fun!

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