Half a person

I went to the doctor today.

Weighed in at 147.

1. 4. 7.

I was 198 on Aug 1.

That’d be a solid 51 pounds, yes siree.

My friend April says I lost half a person.

I’ve been working with my doctor all this time, but I’ve only done monthly check-ins with a nurse so I hadn’t actually SEEN her since this summer.

She said I’m her prize patient.

She said she’s going to tell other patients about my success.

She said I could stop if I wanted, but I’m still shooting for the 140-ish mark. Hoping to hit that by the end of February.

Today was a victory all by itself though.

Today, when I stepped on the manual scale — the kind doctors have used since the beginning of time that kind of looks like a mix between a coat rack and a surgical device for giants — for the first time since high school the nurse didn’t have to move to 50-pound marker past 150.

It was surreal.

The doctor was all “congratulations this” and “congratulations that,” but I just kept looking over at the scale.

Staring at it.

I win, I thought.

I. Win.

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  1. YOU WIN!!! 51 pounds is like a huge bag of dog food. not a regular one from Walmart, but the HUGE ones you get from Costco or a feed store. that’s awesome.

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