happy, happy, happy half birrrrrthday to meeee

i have a stupid summer birthday. so although ive had an over abundance of pool parties to celebrate me, i’ve also had an under abundance of school parties to celebrate me. that is until one of my teachers decided i could celebrate my birthday in February. HOW?! i asked in amazement. “Well, Feb. 23 would be your half birthday,” i was told. my what? what? what? “your HALF birthday”

and so, today, i am 24 AND A HALF and in honor of elementary school im celebrating it. (ish). and i’ve even made a half birthday resolution — see, I’m reading this book, and it’s all about how “soda is liquid satan” and how i should quit being a loser vegetarian and go full force with the vegan-ism. and i really, really want to do it.

i’ve tried before and know how freaking hard it is, so im thinking baby steps. which are kind of like half-steps, you know — in honor of my¬†HALF birthday. you’ll probably still see me eating cheese and stuff, but hopefully you’ll see a little more brown rice and fresh fruit mixed in. hopefully.

yay 24 and a half. yay.

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