Reason #167 for hating winter:

My heat bill was $190. PEOPLE!! $190??!! to heat a SMALL apartment. for ONE month! what the crap? That’s more than my car payment. and it’s more than my car insurance payment. and almost half my freaking rent.

As a result, my apartment will now be 54 degrees (ish) for the rest of the winter. if you were planning to visit i’d recommend you bring an extra sweater. or a blanket. or summer.

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  1. It cost my cat Toppers and I $32 to heat my apartment last month. Heheh. Move back here and enjoy the cost savings. More money for the bar.

  2. Do you have your fireplace flue open when it’s not burning anything? That bill seems ridiculously high. But you already know that. 🙂

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