heck’s ya. spring is finally freaking here. for real this time.

wonderful flowers

wonderful flowers

hot d*mn. i went for the best walk eva today. and yesterday.

i have discovered a perfect little path that wraps around the school down the street.

past ponds, and flowers and clouds and rainbows and dreams and hope.

it’s the kind of walk in the kind of weather that makes you think, ‘hey, maybe life doesn’t totally suck.”

i love this time of year, because it’s warm enough to get up a good sweat during an outdoor workout, but it’s early enough that swarms of bugs have yet to populate the respectable nature trails.

go ahead. take a deep breath in.

that’s a spring breeze filling up your lungs. isn’t it fantabulous?

now stop reading my blog and go smell some flowers or something.

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Comments (3)

  1. SCVegan

    Smell some flowers… Alright then.

    I think I saw a dandelion growing out of the parking lot underneath that old truck across the way. Time to go smell it!


  2. SCVegan

    Wow, that was totally worth it!

  3. Beth

    Next best thing after a walk… a bike ride.


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