huh? tag? what?

apparently i’ve been tagged by this girl i know and now i have come up with seven random things about myself.

(NOTE TO SELF: insert tag rules here later when you can remember them).

Here are the seven things about myself: 

1. i’m hungry (thanks to being a vegan for five days straight).

2. i have a real-life phobia of people touching my ears (and no, i don’t have my ears pierced)

3. i hate cats (im allergic, so my hatred is legit)

4. i fantasize about working for Time Magazine and once my then-boyfriend, a baker, made me a Time Magazine cake for my birthday. we broke up anyway.

5. im pretty tight with the current governor of South Dakota. and by tight, i mean he would totally know my name if he saw me and i said ‘hi, im crystal.’ totally.

6. im still hungry.

7. i think i’ll probably die and leave my college debt to my children (assuming i have some), because it’s more money than i’ll make in my lifetime. true story.

ha! now YOU’RE IT! go on. spread the fun little play-ground game amongst yourselves. but no tag-backs.

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