I believe

I believe in God.

I believe in prayer.

I believe that when you kill an animal, it suffers. (Even if it tastes like bacon later).

I believe in Google Voice.

I believe in spell check and word counts and putting the period after the parenthesis.

I believe that it is fantabulous to create words.

I believe in journalism. (I don’t believe in the business model).

I believe in vitamins and hand sanitizer and Kleenex with lotion.

I believe in universal health care and a single-payer system.

I believe the world will not end in 2012.

I believe in going to church. (I don’t believe in a perfect church, but I don’t believe that’s the point).

I believe that when you twist a straw wrapper in half and the knot pulls through, someone you love is thinking about you.

I believe in life on other planets. (And I believe that to not, is narcissistic).

I believe tithing can be your money or your time.

I believe that people can change. (But I don’t believe it happens very often).

I believe in flossing daily and brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

I believe in giving someone the benefit of the doubt when they ask you for $5 on a street corner.

I believe in giving everyone the benefit of the doubt at least once.

I believe in beeswax for lip balm and that shaving cream really is better than plain soap for shaving.

I believe in wearing jeans to work as often as possible.

I believe in TIME magazine.

I believe that football and Great America have done just as much to bond my family as any of the dozens of tragedies we’ve endured, but with a much sweeter process.

I believe you can drive on spare tire for at least 300 miles before you really need to get it replaced.

I believe that oil change guidelines aren’t set in stone.

I believe in keeping  jumper cables in your car.

I believe that I could live on Taco Bell.

I believe that getting my hair dyed and my eyebrows waxed are good investments.

I believe that 12 is young, and 30 is old.

I believe in the possibility that my beliefs will change.

I believe everyone should.

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  1. So where does the period go in a quote? “quote.”?
    I believe that you are going to be alright.
    I believe your family can be very proud of your accomplishments.
    I believe that when you get to be 30 your perspective of “OLD” will change. It is a sliding scale.
    I believe that change is inevitable and that without it the world would end as we know it. And,
    of course there is life on other planets. I have always believed that. God is there too.

  2. I believe I have many of the same beliefs as you with the exception of the age thing.
    I believe that age is measured in the heart and not in years. Sometimes I am still 7. Like the other day when someone mentioned the fact that people don’t go out for family drives anymore. There we were in the green station wagon on a Sunday evening. Good times.

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