The cold virus monster

I’ve been trying to run on approx. 4.5 hours of sleep a night because HOLY CRAP I HAVE CRAP-TONS TO DO!!!

Of course that doesn’t work. That’s NEVER worked. My body likes a solid seven hours a night. And when it doesn’t get it, it’s all “you suck” and then I get sick.

I’m sick.

Not like “bronchitis sick” or anything – although, incidentally, my mom has bronchitis. (Prayers welcome).

But ya, I’ve got that “sore throat, no sense of smell, achy, tired, craptastic” feeling.

It mostly just sucks.

And here I am trying to find a second job, because obviously I have so much extra time on my hands, right?

Yesterday, as the cold virus monster was landing on my chest, I was feeling really overwhelmed. Like this gigantic green awful being was sitting on my ribs, and I couldn’t fight back. Then, it just took over and knocked me out for 13 hours straight.

I slept from 8:30 p.m. until 9:30 a.m.

And for the next three hours after that I stared blankly at the TV.

I really just want to down some NyQuil and sleep for another 13 or 28 hours or so, but instead I’m going to hope that my shower magically fixes things and then I’ll head into work.

Being an adult sucks.

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  1. When you said, “sore throat, no sense of smell, achy, tired, craptastic” i immediately thought of a NyQuil commercial. THEN you mentioned NyQuil. i don’t know, i thought it was neat.

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