blogging is hard

so, after searching for like 32 hours for a photo plugin for my site, i think i might finally be onto something. i’ve uploaded fotobook, which brings in all my facebook photos. this is especially exciting because i can download facebook photos from my crackberry, so it should be easy to get new photos on this site.

i still want to make some tweaks to it, but for now you can find my facebook photos by clicking on the “Photos” page on the top of the site. I’ve also set up the widget, which will display random photos on the sidebar, which you can find on the right of this site (or the bottom if you read me on your phone). fun times.

im still hoping to find a plugin that gives me a calendar template and lets me upload photos to each day, (like this) which of course would create a “daily photo” — my ultimate goal.

for now though, enjoy the facebook photos.

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  1. Viva La Crackberry!

    Does flickr not do something like this? I very rarely use my flickr account so I’m not sure how it actually works but it seems like everyone is using flickr on their sites.

    1. …a little hint of the Cistine Chapel in the top image, parpehs? I like Mr. Toledano, his other stuff, even more; those dresses with balloons in their hearts.Liked also, so so much, the World War 1 image link yesterday. It stilled my soul to see so much rubble, and also filled me with hope and beauty. Some of the trees remind me of Brancusi sculptures. Gracias to you, Madame Camilla.

  2. Re: Flickr. ya. there’s about three million flickr applications out there if all your want to do is take your flickr photos and put then on your blog.

    see here:
    or google, flickr wordpress plugin

    i actually started a flickr album because i was playing around with its different plugins, but i think the facebook one im using is the easiest to install and use. good luck!

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