I still avoid car problems

My car keeps stalling at stoplights.

Like, at first, it would do it like once a week or whatever, and I would just start it back up, no big deal.

But then, it started happening like once a day. And I was like, ‘Hmm, this is kind of annoying, but whateves.’

Now though, it’s pretty much every time I go under 5 mph. Which, you know, is kind of every 45 seconds or so out here in the suburbs.

To be honest, though, even that didn’t really bother me until I had to drive one of my youth students to church, and then starting the car back up at every intersection got kind of embarrassing.

I know, I know. I should take it to a mechanic.

But dudes, I just did that and it cost me like a bazillion dollars, and I’m still paying it off $300 a month at a time, and I won’t finish until March, so I’m trying to hold off on getting anything else fixed until I get that paid off.

And we all know that I automatically assume that if I take my car to a mechanic he/she will find a way to charge me $4,000 to fix whatever the heck is wrong with it. So instead, I’m just going to pretend that this keeps happening because it’s cold outside, and that it — like many of my problems — will go away when summer comes back.

Either that, or by then I’ll have saved up enough for a new car.

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  1. in high school i had a few different cars. one of them was this toyota celica with an odd kill switch in the glove box. every once in a while, my friends would think it’s funny to flip the switch, that once activated completely killed all power to the car and would not start back up for like 15min. why they thought it was funny to be stuck with me in a dead car is beyond me. i needed smarter friends.

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