im scared

editor’s note: most of this blog post is now outdated. i have obviously changed my design, which is addressed above. however, it does explain my new twitter feed, so read on if you want to know about that.

so i was inspired by my super cool friend (erin) and her super cool husband (dave) to get a twitter feed on my blog.

the only problem is, my blog design puts things on the sidebar in capital letters.

so i want to change my design (theme).

but im too scared.

actually i changed it for about one second.

but then i changed it right back because my stomach sank. (my blog is like my child. i don’t want anything about it to change.)

the other thing is, i really want a “home” link on my site. if i was web-savy i could just figure out how to make it a page link. but im not. im lucky i figured out twitter.

but other designs automatically include a “home” link.

so what do you guys think? should i change my theme?

UPDATE: oh ya. you’re probably thinking ‘what the heck is twitter?’ well, because i like to talk about myself, i basically added a feed so that i can update that section of my blog (located on the top of the widget column and titled ‘what im thinking right this second’) via my cell phone.

i know. you’re excited.

but this way, when my blogging dies down mid-week, you can still check in and see new stuff on my twitter feed.

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  1. Sandy

    Living means CHANGE! Go for it.

  2. Mandy

    UG. I’m probably going to have to get Twitter now. It’s obviously the cool thing to do.


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