im still here. also still vegan.

hey there. been on a little mini-break from work, and decided a mini-break from blogging was probably an ok idea too. (that decision was also based on the fact that im visiting my aunt jean, who is sans internet – i have, however, found my way over to a little coffee place in byron, il, which unlike starbucks, has FREE internet).

the vegan thing always is hardest when im with my family, because food is such a strong part of our social interactions. last night they ate a family favorite – tuna pizza, while i sat to the side with noodles and spaghetti sauce mixed with corn. and today for breakfast i ordered a pb&J while they ate melty cheese sandwiches.

i will point out though that this is the easiest first week of veganism ive ever had. the first time i did this, the only food i really knew was safe was rice, steamed vegetables and vegan chik’n. however, the world has greatly opened up since then, and my family also has learned a thing or too. my aunt even bought me veggie dogs today, and made sure to look for the little vegan symbol on the back.

and they have grown much less likely to call me crazy (at least in person) about the whole thing.

i have high hopes for this effort, and my commitment to the cause i think is best illustrated by my recent year-long subscription to VegNews, a vegan magazine. that way, if im tempted to quit, i’ll get a regular reminder in my mailbox.

and who knows, maybe, hopefully, one day, i myself will stop thinking vegans are weird, and i’ll instead start to think of the whole thing like i currently think of vegetariansm — just another normal thing i do. 🙂

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  1. noodles and spaghetti sauce mixed with corn… I would also have a difficult time being vegan if I had to eat meals like that.

    Next time, get a sauce pan and put about a half inch of water on low heat. Then, dice some onion (about 1/2 of a small-medium onion will do) and throw it in there; cover with lid. Next, dice a clove of garlic (or more if you don’t plan on going out) and throw that in too. (Garlic powder is ok if you don’t have fresh). Now dice up a few mushrooms and toss those in as well, and let them simmer for several minutes. Add more water if it starts to go dry, though the mushrooms should add quite a bit of moisture. If there is a lot of water in the pan, or if you need more heat you can raise the burner to medium.

    When the water is a tan color and the mushrooms look cooked, add fresh spinach. As much spinach as you can fit and still close the lid. Cover again for about three minutes and now add that same jar/can/whatev’ of spaghetti sauce from before. Cover until you see steam coming out from the sides of the lid. Remove lid, stir everything up and cover again until about a minute or two after you see more steam coming out from the sides. Sauce is done!

    Pour sauce over noodles and enjoy. Leave corn for another meal. If you have fresh basil, add that at the same time as the spinach. Summer squash is also a good addition, like crook neck and zucchini.

    That’s the thing about being vegan. We need to shop a little more to keep fresh produce in stock.

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