it seemed so cool on TV

Back in the day when i was 13 and just a week shy of graduating eighth grade i got in a fight with pebble. actually, my black Rollerblades with hot purple (real color, look it up) accents got in a fight with a pebble. and the pebble won. I fell down off the curb and introduced my head to the pavement. after they exchanged pleasantries, i had a concussion.

well, technicallyi didn’t black out — but there was some throwing up involved and a trip to the hospital. (true story)

after that i never felt the same way toward Rollerblades.

but since spring is in the air (and by that i mean temperatures are a degree above freezing) i thought i’d give them another chance. (EDITOR’S NOTE: the abc family movie involving a rollerblader falling in love with a figure skater had nothing to do with this decision.)

but i forgot one thing — rollerblading is freaking hard!

I’m not exactly sure who decided that roller SKATES were no longer marketable (i blame you X-games), but i couldn’t find a pair of four sturdy wheels anywhere (and by anywhere i mean target and wal-mart) so i HAD to get rollerblades. and they’re really hard to use.

i WAS thinking my new interest in yoga would give me more balance. but i still suck at yoga and i still have no balance. i tried to wear the pads i bought for my knees and elbows, but there were SO uncomfortable. so i just wore the wrist guards. im thinking my lack of ability to bend my wrists contributed to my lack of balance, but i can’t be sure.

i went down my parking lot to where i thought i’d be ok on the sidewalk. turns out the sidewalk doesn’t have a railing (i KNOW, what’s up with that?). so i kept rolling across the sidewalk and running into the trees on either side. 

i made it about one block (ish). then i decided i didn’t want to die that day and turned around to head home.  im proud to say i didn’t fall (at least not ALL the way to the ground).

I decided at this point to take a REGULAR walk around my neighborhood. in tennis shoes. it was fun times and much easier. until the last block. when i fell. on some ice. the size of bottle of nail polish. and hurt my arm. and it still hurts.

basically, im clumsy. with or without wheels. and i fall. a lot.

anyone interested in a used barely used like-new pair of rollerblades? size 7/8?

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