im so screwed

here’s the problem, it’s not like im CRAVING cheese. i just kind of think my body is.

i can tell because im dizzy. a lot. and im pretty sure that since it started when i gave up chesse it’s related to the whole vegan thing (although i can’t be sure.)

im kind of dizzy right now. (true story)

but i know TOO much about the dairy industry to turn back now. frick! what the crap am i going to do?

also, im having trouble concentrating. and it’s happening at work (only at the end of the day). im pretty sure it’s because im always dizzy. (not certain, just pretty sure.)

im taking my b-12 supplement like a good little vegan. and DON’T WORRY! i gets TONS of protein in my microwavable vegan dinners. but maybe my body just NEEDS some cheese to function or something. or maybe it’s sick of fruit. (again, i can’t be sure) 

im so screwed. and dizzy.

UPDATE: oh ya, and also, i kind of just want to sleep all the time.

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  1. Krista

    Dude, your body is rejecting the veganism! Revolt! Eat cheese!

    OK, seriously though. Give it time. Your body is probably just freaking out, getting used to the changes.

  2. The Pink

    Not to be a mother hen or anything but do you have a carbon monoxide detector? Is your chimney flue operating correctly?

  3. Lyndon

    FYI you give up A LOT more than just B-12 going vegan. You need to be taking some other supplements as well.

  4. dave

    you could probably get a free appointment with the nutritionist at the local hospital. or maybe they call her a dietician. worth a try.

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