it’s kind of as life-changing as say, the bible. kind of.

When i became a vegetarian back during my freshman year of college, people thought i was crazy — and they still do. my dad’s boss asked if i was doing it to impress a boy. my former co-worker wanda wanted to know “when i knew i was vegetarian” and “if i was born that way” and my friends constantly explained to me that i should just order the chicken. “oh, wait. that’s meat  TOO?” they would say.

my grandma on my dad’s side was the most alarmed by the whole thing though. she tried desperately to explain to me that i should eat meat because “Jesus ate fish.” and im not going to lie. the first time i ate at her house after making the decision i choked down the pot roast because i was too scared to tell her i had gone insane (aka given up meat).

but i stayed strong. and gave up the dead carcass (sorry, had to say it).

and i think im ready to take it one step further. i finished this book. (read the whole dang thing in less than a day) and im not going to say it definitely changed my life, but i am going to say it probably changed my life. at least for the last 24 hours (and counting).

i’ve been convinced to become a vegan. and eventually give up sugar. (that’s going to take awhile longer though, i think).

since i’ve finished the book, the only animal products i’ve eaten were the egg whites in my soy chik’n patties and the three grains of parmesan i couldn’t resit putting on my whole wheat pasta last night.

i know. i’m awesome. and i even bought vegan oreos. but of course they’re not called oreos. they called “almost as good as oreos.” or something like that.

but wait. there’s more.

guess what i DRANK with my dinner! that’s right people. i had a glass of SOY milk. and it didn’t suck.

and if you read the book, you probably would become a vegan too (if you want to borrow it, just ask).

and the weird thing is, after reading the book, im convinced that had my grandma been born today she would probably be a vegan. or at least a vegetarian. because it’s just WAY healthier. and she was all about the health. she would cook home-made stuff and take TONS of vitamins and read every health book she could get her hands on. so, I’ve decided she was just a vegan waiting for the future. and now she can experience it through me. (her crazy granddaughter).

ah, who am i kidding. she’s probably eating lobster with Jesus looking down on me right now saying how she tried to fix me before she died.

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