let’s all talk about how i cried at the end of the scrubs finale

even though im not a boy, or a doctor, i’ve always thought the character of J.D. on scrubs was based on me. and my life.

im not going to lie, the whole thing sometimes makes me wish i had become a doctor. or a nurse. or at least a medical billing professional.


i just watched the two-part series finale (which you can find here) and seriously, that show is so awesome. with it’s life reflections, and story lines that wrap up with pretty bows at the end of every episode, it has gotten me through my alone time in South Dakota, when i had no family around; my job-related sadness in Wisconsin, when i wondered why i had even gone into newspapering in the first place; and my singleness here, now.

turk and jd remind me that good friends can be just like family, elliot’s mishaps with throw-up and poop prove that passion can get me through anything, and dr. cox and jordan’s crazy post-divorce family, well i guess that just shows love has a funny way of sneaking up on you.

it has morals (you can’t force things to go your way, but life usually turns out all right anyway), and hugs (jd. turk. need i say more) and all things sitcom (27 minutes long). but it’s not so much a tv show as it is a half hour with my friends.

im glad abc was able to give it the ending it deserved.

and im glad that it will live on in rerun land for ever.

but most of all, im glad it’s been there for me. been there to grow and learn. me and JD. while we figure out this whole crazy business of being a grown-up.

And now, one of my favorite clips. it’s not from the finale, but it’s still pretty great.

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  1. The series ENDED?? I had no idea. I usually just catch an occassional re-run, but it always cracks me up. Another series to add to my TV on DVD list.

  2. I caught myself getting a little choked up, but i’m not ashamed to admit that Scrubs tends to do that do me, they’ve had some heart-wrenching moments.

    Though a boy, but not a doctor, i’ve always thought i was J.D. too. John Dorian and Eric Foreman were the first characters that i found that said “it’s ok too be a little awkward, a little dorky, a little sentimental. It may all work out for you”

    I liked how it ended too. I had been scared all season, because Scrubs tends to like having really serious tragic things in episodes to remind us “this is life, and there aren’t always happy endings”.

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