things that make my mom rock

from left to right. my mom, me.
from left to right. my mom, me.

it’s not like i can go around ignoring a news peg like Mother’s Day. I’m a REPORTER people. so i will now take this opportunity to mention few specific things that make my mom rock.

  • she always gives me $10 $20 $50 in gas money when i visit.
  • she loves great america as much as i do.
  • and water parks.
  • she never pressures me to give her grandkids.
  • she always pays when we go out for dinner.
  • she helps me move like three times a year, even after all my other family members disown me.
  • speaking of helping me move, when i got a job in south dakota, she didn’t even blink when i needed her to drive 15 hours in -80 degree weather across half the country to the mount rushmore state.
  • im 25, but she still pays my cell phone bill.
  • when i date losers, she gives me the space to figure it out by myself.
  • she buys tofurky when i visit and even tells me she LIKES the way it taste.
  • while we’re talking about tofurky, she has NEVER discouraged my veganism.
  • she’s my biggest fan.
  • when we fight, we always make up.
  • she reads my twitter even though she barely knows what twitter is.
  • she laughs at all my jokes
  • she’s my mom.
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