My smile says SPRING: Fun pictures with Bronson

My friend Bronson came to visit again! YAY! FUN TIMES GALORE! WEEEE!!!!

He’s the kind of guy who makes even a trip to Taco Bell interesting.¬†And, this weekend, I was so super excited about the sun making it’s first appearance in about 17 months that I made him go on a walk with me at Emricson Park here in Woodstock.

I even decided it was warmer than it was and refused to wear my full winter jacket, instead opting for a fleece and some gloves (see below).


– My smile says SPRING, but my hands and the ice in the background say, DUDE! NOT YET!


– I look disproportionately small for some reason in this picture. And if you look close, you see my arm’s reflection in my glasses taking the phot0.


– Bronson, standing in front a baseball park, before he fell in front of a soccer field about 35 minutes later when he slipped on some ice. Usually, I’m the one who falls, so that was a refreshing change.

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  1. So THAT is how you wear a scarf. Dude, i got one when i went to NYC because EVERYONE was all like, “you NEED a scarf, or your neck will freeze and THEN what will you do?!” so i got a scarf. a black one. Long underwear and thermal shirts, heavy jacket and gloves… Turns out i didn’t need any of it, because i’m like a human furnace. Good thing, because i didn’t want to be the guy out on the street getting laughed at because i had my scarf on wrong.

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