My smile says SPRING: Fun pictures with Bronson

My friend Bronson came to visit again! YAY! FUN TIMES GALORE! WEEEE!!!!

He’s the kind of guy who makes even a trip to Taco Bell interesting. And, this weekend, I was so super excited about the sun making it’s first appearance in about 17 months that I made him go on a walk with me at Emricson Park here in Woodstock.

I even decided it was warmer than it was and refused to wear my full winter jacket, instead opting for a fleece and some gloves (see below).


– My smile says SPRING, but my hands and the ice in the background say, DUDE! NOT YET!


– I look disproportionately small for some reason in this picture. And if you look close, you see my arm’s reflection in my glasses taking the phot0.


– Bronson, standing in front a baseball park, before he fell in front of a soccer field about 35 minutes later when he slipped on some ice. Usually, I’m the one who falls, so that was a refreshing change.

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summer 2009 = lame.

so umm, basically it now gets dark at 3 p.m., it’s negative 8 outside and IT’S STILL AUGUST.

where the heck did the summer go? it was 110º for about 4 seconds that one time I went to great america, and then BAM fall.


this is crap.

if we don’t get an indian summer im going to be fricking mad wait. is that term somehow offense? sorry.

ok. how about “if we don’t get some more summer im going to be fricking mad.”

its just that im not ready to do stupid things like workout indoors, wear shoes that don’t flip when i flop, or worse scrape snow off my car.


i know. i shouldn’t even be mentioning such an awful thing. but i wouldn’t be surprised if i we start seeing flakes like next week guys.

in conclusion, im officially requesting a summer-refund. I take checks, cash or paypal and expect ful payment of missed sunshine by Monday.

thanks in advace.

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walk this way

I have no friends and I can prove it — I have nobody to walk with.

Even though the weather is finally nice enough to melt ice in this stupid state, and i REALLY want to go for a walk with someone cool — I cant. 

and walking alone is lame.

and running hurts my knees.

and rollar blading is HARD!


and my bike is in Illinois.

so instead im blogging. even though i don’t really think that’s helping my calves. or my abs.

UPDATE: apparenlty I do HAVE at least one friend. maybe she’ll walk with me? huh? huh?

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