random thoughts (Thanksgiving edition)

Things I’m thankful for:

1. ultrasounds. seriously, how the heck would the doctors have known about my gallstones had they not been able to use the magical device that lets them see INSIDE me?

2. cheap gas prices. enough said.

3. my family’s love of mario kart. we all just sit around and play it on my mom’s supa big tv. and then we talk smack. and then i beat my brother steve because I’m awesome. and for once, from age 9 to 25, we all have something in common.

4. tofurky. have you TRIED this stuff? I can’t find any place near my house that sells it, but woodman’s in rockford sells it, so I bought $50 worth last night. true story. expect my breath to smell lake fake turkey for the next month or so.

5. having a job that coordinates with my major. YES, i get STA-RESSED (that’s stressed) at work. but at the end of the day, at least I’m not asking people if they want fries with that. or worse, if they’d like another press release (that’s a jab  at pr people, for those who didn’t notice) (i kid because I’m jealous of how much pr people make).

6. match.com. i joined because my roommate wrote a REALLY nice testimonial about me, and then people sent me e-mail that match.com assured me were from THE ONE, so I paid $35 for a month of service and read the e-mails. and for now all I’m going to say is that things are going well. (we’ll talk more about this later).

7. attached garage. which i have. and which allows me to avoid the age-old midwestern task of scrapping off my car in the morning.

8. football. because i can call my dad during the game and tell him I love hester and gould and he repliys that he loves them too (except when the packers kick their butts) (then we just cry together).

9. my church. finding a church is hard. finding a church that says the “Our Father,” has open communion and stained glass windows, and supplies me with apple pie occasionally is harder. i’ve found one. and i really like it.

10. blogs.

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  1. is your roommate on match.com? how do I find her? your roommate is a girl right? how do i find her? hook it up, i will use styling gel on my eyebrows and everything.

  2. I was just kidding on my comment above. Obviously joking. But seriously, I mean it. Does she like mustaches? I’ll grow one if she does…

    No not really.

    But seriously, I will.

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