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• last night i forgot to take out my contacts because i was tired. then, while reading about jay leno in Time, i rubbed my eye. then i was all, ‘why is everything all blurry now?’ and i rubbed my eye some more. then i remembered the stupid contacts. there’s about a 3 percent chance that one currently is lodged behind my right eyeball.

• I’ve been freaking out less and less about this whole youth group leadership thing. i feel like i’ve got a pretty good support system in place. and yesterday i found faith foam stickers at Meijer -a clear (ish) sign that this is what God wants me to be doing.

• i’ve lost 18 pounds since Aug. 1. and that’s no rounding, or estimating or anything. it’s a genuine 18 pounds. according to a real digital scale. only two people have noticed (one was my grandma). what the crap does a girl gotta do to get a “you like nice” around here?

• the only reason i eat yogurt is that the show burn notice makes it look so cool.

• i really hope all the episodes of flip this house on TLC were filmed like three years ago. because anything else would just be too depressing for home improvement television on a saturday morning.

• my blog should be loading supa dupa fast now. it’s on a amazing new server via GoDaddy and it’s set-up especially for wordpress blogs (or so im told). ive noticed a difference and i hope you do too because i still love my site design, and i was thinking i would have to change it to make things load better.

• speaking of blogs, i’ve been using a new search engine optimization program. i kind of think SEO is a bunch of voodoo magic, but i hope it works anyway.

• i really hate when people leave snide messages on facebook in response to my status updates. you may think you sound funny, but it doesn’t read funny. it reads mean. and do you people have nothing better to do with your time than leave me snide remarks so you can feel superior?

• one time I made out with a guy during my junior year of college and then i never talked to him again. ever. my junior year of college was in 2004. he still calls me. like once every few months. i have never ever even returned a phone call. that’s weird right?

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  1. You should talk to your brother Steve. He is a mouse elimination expert. We had them at the old place and he got rid of all of them.

  2. you like nice. haha. so um… are you saying you’re going to start returning my calls or that i should stop calling? I’m not so sure on this one. The facebook thing is pretty clear, i’ll stop that but the calls? yes, no, maybe so?

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