Spring is my favorite

All the colors of spring totally my match my Barbie blonde hair. I got a full-night’s sleep last night. My roommates are out of town so I can pee with the bathroom door open. I had a great, sweat-dripping Jazzercise workout this morning. I made it to the bank to deposit a needed $10 into my account before a pending check was cashed. I’m planning to have Taco Bell for dinner. I totally had a great Easter, which involved the youth group kids coming through for me in a way that they probably do not even understand makes me happy and also an awesome evening with church friends. I’m super close to winning my work bracket for March Madness (Go Duke!). The economy seems to suck just a little less than it used to. Great America opens in about three weeks. My laundry is done. I can finally open my bedroom window and take in heaping breathes of fresh air all day long. The sun is out.

Life is good.

Thank you God.

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