A win.

When the crap did it get cold again?

That’s kind of lame.

I was all ready to pack up my winter coat, and burn my mittens, and put a W in the spring-has-sprung column, but no. It’s below freezing and people are talking about the s word – IN APRIL.


Moving on.

I totally won my NCAA March Madness pool at work.

Out of 46 people!

I know nothing about basketball. I barely know how many players are on each team (It’s five right?). But I read this article in Slate and it told me to pick Duke and I did and I won!!!

Like a lot.

I haven’t gotten the money yet because apparently the pool organizer is in Florida (if he’s spending it, I will kill him be very mad), but when I do get the money, I’m going be so much richer.



I’ve come close to winning these kinds of things in the past. Like in grad school, I got like second place out of like 40 people (and managed to anger some serious basketball fans). But close doesn’t count in these kinds of things.

Luckily this time was different.

I won it all. YAY!

So ya, also, umm, keeping off the weight is going to be something I struggle with every day of my life for the rest of my life and if I ever get pregnant or something I might have a panic attack from the stress of it all.

I literally weigh myself everyday.

Usually twice.

And if I gain even one pound, I re-access and work-out extra.

It’s been said that the only thing harder than losing weight is keeping it off, and I’m worried as crap that it will all come back in like a week.

The hardest thing is the constant choice I have to make to drink water. I still like soda, but it’s bascially hundreds of hidden little stupid calories in each one, so I have to keep on keeping on with the H2O. And I have to say, “Crystal, it’s OK. Your meal will be OK if you have a water instead of a soda. You will still like it.” to myself each and every time.

It’s only been about two months since I’ve gone from losing to maintaining, and each day that I don’t go over 145 I count as a win.

Today, so far, is a win.

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