star trek, cnn holograms, and fonts

ok. seriously. how cool does that movie look.

HOW. COOL?!?!?

i need to see this movie. right now. right this very second.

except apparently im so lame that even though I’m a girl (a pretty girl, if i do say so myself) i can’t find even ONE nerdy boy to go see star trek.

not one.

what is WRONG with me?

i figure going alone to see star trek as a girl would just be a new low for me, so it’s looking like i’ll have to wait for the video.

OR, maybe i can meet a boy at the movie. what do you think? is 25 too old to be meeting boys at movie theaters?

speaking of science fiction, what happened to cnn’s holograms? i was SO excited when those came out. i told all my friends that we would forever remember it as the day of the hologram.


then cnn dropped them quicker than the stock market crashed. *poof* no mention of them on america’s most trusted news network. nothing. nada. zilch. i hereby am officially requesting that CNN bring back the hologram. i want to see that awesomeness in every home in america by 2012 people.

and while we’re on the topic of things that bother me, holy serif, does the space between the lines of my font here annoy the crap out of me. i almost didn’t want to write about it, so as not to draw attention to the annoyance of it all to those of you lucky enough not to have noticed.

i have tried my hardest to tweak whatever is causing it in the design’s html, but i’ve got nothing here people. the closest i came was tuesday when i accidentally made the text supa big because i thought it might squish it together. alas, that did not happen.

i really, really love this stupid design though, so i haven’t give up hope yet.

maybe there’s a nerdy boy on his way to Regal Showplace 16 to see star trek i could ask about this?

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  1. We saw the movie last weekend. If we go again, I’ll call. It was really good even if not like the original from the 60’s which is the one we grew up on. You could go and pretend you are with the “boy” next to you. There were a lot of “Old” people in the showing we were at. Didn’t notice any nerds.

  2. I read the first line of this blog posting, and I realized you want your readers to watch the video before proceeding. I do say that the movie does look cool. Also, parts of that movie and parts of the original television series were filmed in my home town.

    I didn’t know CNN had holograms. Why are the holograms gone? Does CNN think their ratings are higher WITHOUT holograms? Dude, it would have been so cool if the first thing that news lady said was, “Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi; you’re my only hope.” That’s what I would have done, if I were a lady-hologram that is.

    Finally, in regards to your font spacing. I didn’t want to say anything before, but it is a tad distracting. However, I think posting more humorous baking pictures will make up for it.

  3. @sandy: seriously. i will totally go see it with you if you go again.

    @scvegan: wow. crap. really? the font space really is distracting? crap. see. now im going to lay awake at night freaking out about this. i do think i’ve fixed it a little though, so i hope that helps for now. one day i will become an html-super hero and just design my own site from scratch.

    – Crystal

  4. Crystal, the font spacing honestly doesn’t bother me–I wouldn’t have noticed if you hadn’t brought it up! To be fair, I do most of my blog reading in my Mail reader, but even when I do stop by the .com, I’m usually doing it to look at pictures/videos, not reread the text!

    I was lucky enough to go see the Star Trek movie with two dweebs great guys–T. & his stepfather! His mother and I had a blast “geeking out” with our favorite Trekkies!

    I hope you get to see it soon!

  5. What about another nerdy girl to see it with you? If you weren’t in Chicago, I’d certainly go with, but I’m near Charlotte so I can’t see that working out, ha. But I desperately want to see Star Trek, just can’t find the time to get my ass there to do so!

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