star trek, radio stations and crystal light

so, sometimes, after i write ALL DAY for my real job where i make real some a little money, it is super hard to come here and slave over a computer for you people my awesome readers. but i make time because i love you. and even though i have exactly 27 minutes before i have to hop in the shower and go off to another long day at the office, im here. writing for you. right now.

so, yes, yes, i saw star trek. and it rocked. and i went with a super duper star trek geek fan (who’s also cute. i know. weird) so he was able to explain everything to me. which was good, seeing as how there’s a thing at the end with the guy and the other guy that i totally DID NOT understand until he spent about 15 minutes explaining it to me afterward. but i get it now. i swear.

i would definitely recommend this movie to everyone and their mother, and their dog. it’s pretty fun. i mean, it was no “sex and the city” but watching all those magical special effects and pretty space ships on a big screen was worth the $9 for sure.

speaking of the number 9, does anyone else in chicagoland get confused by radio station phone numbers? i mean, there are like 74 area codes in a three-block radius of my house, but the stations just give out seven-digits. all “591-9696,” or “591-US99.”

i want to win rascal flatts tickets too guys. do i need to dial 312 for chicago? or will my 630 cell phone area code work? i don’t understand. how do i get through? and why don’t they have a freaking 800 number, which would just clear all this up?

how am i supposed to win, if can’t figure out how to call them?!


anywho, on to more exciting things. like the fact that Crystal Light is advertising on my blog. GUYS! MY NAME IS CRYSTAL! and their name is Crystal too!! how cool is that? im not gong to lie, i have bought crap tons of products because the word crystal was used on the package. crystal sprinkles, crystal clean toothpaste, crystal mint gum. it’s the least i can do seeing as how these companies named their stuff after ME!

what’s that? you don’t think it’s exciting? well how would you feel if there was [insert your name here] shower gel, or [insert your name here] nikes. you know you would run out and buy them right this second

and don’t even get me started on the fact that i work in the city of CRYSTAL lake. i know. fate right? the only thing cooler would be if my name were Jesus (hey-zeus). those guys rock.

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star trek, cnn holograms, and fonts

ok. seriously. how cool does that movie look.

HOW. COOL?!?!?

i need to see this movie. right now. right this very second.

except apparently im so lame that even though I’m a girl (a pretty girl, if i do say so myself) i can’t find even ONE nerdy boy to go see star trek.

not one.

what is WRONG with me?

i figure going alone to see star trek as a girl would just be a new low for me, so it’s looking like i’ll have to wait for the video.

OR, maybe i can meet a boy at the movie. what do you think? is 25 too old to be meeting boys at movie theaters?

speaking of science fiction, what happened to cnn’s holograms? i was SO excited when those came out. i told all my friends that we would forever remember it as the day of the hologram.


then cnn dropped them quicker than the stock market crashed. *poof* no mention of them on america’s most trusted news network. nothing. nada. zilch. i hereby am officially requesting that CNN bring back the hologram. i want to see that awesomeness in every home in america by 2012 people.

and while we’re on the topic of things that bother me, holy serif, does the space between the lines of my font here annoy the crap out of me. i almost didn’t want to write about it, so as not to draw attention to the annoyance of it all to those of you lucky enough not to have noticed.

i have tried my hardest to tweak whatever is causing it in the design’s html, but i’ve got nothing here people. the closest i came was tuesday when i accidentally made the text supa big because i thought it might squish it together. alas, that did not happen.

i really, really love this stupid design though, so i haven’t give up hope yet.

maybe there’s a nerdy boy on his way to Regal Showplace 16 to see star trek i could ask about this?

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