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how long until i can attend the official vegan conferences?

I posted like five things over the last two days, so im not going to post anything exciting today.

but y’all should know that i still haven’t eaten ANY animal products since i finished this book two days ago (excluding, of course, the aforementioned egg whites in my soy chik’n and three grains of parmesan). not even one thing. and im looking into starting a separate page on my blog about my desire and attempts to be vegan. you know. for the three of you who care. but seeing as how i JUST realized what tags were, it might take me awhile.

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i can blog if i want to, i can leave this world behind

So i had some yummy mexican food with a bunch of bloggers last night. and it turns out i should be doing WAY more to categorize, tag, label and sort my posts.

i mean WAY more.

apparently my “long,” “medium.” and “short” system is lame and to be cool, im going to try to fix it. so i went back and put little tags on some of the posts (although, I’m still not quite sure how those work)* and i’ll probably be adding some more categories — be on the look out for the “snow sucks” category. and the “go (candidate x)” category.

Im not going to do much to back categorize because it would just take too d*mn long. and im not sure if editing posts like that messes up how my blog shows up on people’s RSS feed (whatever that is). but i pledge to do more sorting in the future. i do. i really do.  

also, readers, you can always just search a topic in the little search box on the side of my blog and any posts with the search words in it should pop up. it’s like goggle, but on my blog. 🙂

*UPDATE: I just discovered the “tag cloud.” which is now proudly displayed on the side of my blog. you can click on the different tags and it will take you to all the posts on my blog that have those tags. so. umm. tag! you’re it!

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