honey do

apparently bein vegan means im not supposed to eat honey. umm. WTF? honey? what is THAT crap about? oh, it comes from a non-plant? well that’s like telling me that it would be harmful to eat the hair your stupid cat sheds. it WOULDN’T! that cat doesn’t want the hair and according to that Modern Marvel episode i saw, bees don’t want their honey. im not milking bees and injuring them for their stupid honey.

and the thing is — i don’t even eat THAT much honey. but you know what people? i gave up eggs. and cheese. and milk. and butter. and milk chocolate. and — although some of you might not think this counts — I HAVE given up meat for the past SIX years! so NO! im NOT going to give up honey. and if i want some in my stupid organic tea, well im going to have it.

stupid worker bees. making me seem like a lazy vegan. that is SO like them.

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