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Happy public enemies eve / I still love Johnny Depp

I totally took this!

I totally took this!

Remember when I TOOK THIS PICTURE?!

I DO!!

It was actually a couple days after Johnny Depp touched my hand.

and now the photo lives on forever in a pretty black frame that i forced my roommate to allow me to place on top of the TV and then i pretend to watch TV but really i just look at the picture.

true story.

anywho, i took it in oshkosh, wi when mr. depp was filming “Public Enemies” like down the freaking block from where I was working.

best week eva.

and this Tuesday at mid-night the movie officially comes out!

actually “!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

there. now do you understand how excited i am?

le sigh.

i love him.

of course im planning on the mid-night showing. duh.

and even if the movie totally sucks and is super predictable and has commercials for beef in it, i promise you i will still LOVE IT!

because me and mr. depp? we’re soul mates. and it’s only a matter of time before he figures it out people.

only a matter of time.

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fearing vegas

so im currently watching “fear and loathing in las vegas.” (the movie).

that’s right. im watching it right now.

it’s freaking weird.

and don’t get me wrong — i L.O.V.E Johnny.

(Depp, that is). (he’s the star).

but it’s a damn weird movie.

i think part of the disconnect is that i don’t do drugs (unless you count tylenol pm — which rocks my socks when i have a headache).

i waited a super long time to watch this particular johnny depp movie. my friend dean in south dakota (where i lived about a year ago) lent it to me once. and it sat on my entertainment center for like three months before i eventually gave up and gave the movie back.

since then, my friend jbo has lent to it me (along with like three other Johnny Depp movies). but that was like for.eva. ago.

i’ve watched other johnny depp movies.

the weird ones (once upon a time im mexico, ed wood)


the scary ones ( sleepy hollow, from hell).


the amazing ones (blow, donnie brasco)


the awful one (pirates of the caribbean three)

and two others that i rented from family video. (the libertine and don juan deMarco)

and now. im finally tackling ‘fear and loathing’

and by “tackling” i mean i have it on in the background while i blog, talk to my friends online, make phone calls and read text messages.

uu! is that cameron diaz? i know her. she’s pretty normal.

oh, its just a cameo.

why is johnny depp balding now?

im so confused.

well, i guess i should start paying attention ( and by “paying attention” i mean “go get a bottle of water from the fridge”).

wish me luck!

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i still heart johnny depp (like you didn’t already know that)

Well, in case you guys were getting worried that I was getting over my crush on johnny depp — im here to set the record straight. I still love him.

You might be thinking to yourself ‘self, she can’t actually be in LOVE with him. she hardly knows him!’

but I’m here to tell you that I have seen six of his movies over the past three weeks and I’m pretty certian that he and I are soul mates.

Well, no,  he doesn’t know yet.


soul mates have a way of finding each other. (duh)

and i have faith in that whole process, so I’ll probably get to marry him one day.  (you can come to wedding, but I’m warning you now, it’s going to be all vegan food).

In case you TOO were thinking of watching a bunch of Johnny Depp movies (because he’s AWESOME) I thought I’d offer some of my thoughts on the ones I’ve recently seen (note: all thoughts basically are just about Johnny Depp and have little to do with the movies themselves.)  I’m not going to link to all the titles, because that’s just annoying. If you want more information on any of the movies just search the freaking title here.

ED WOOD: Funny. and Johnny Depp is in 99.8 percent of the scenes so that’s way cool. He doesn’t look particularly hot in this one and he talks in an old-timey hollywood accent, and he wears women’s clothing in a few scenes, but i DO love him — so i watched the whole thing. Also, the movie actually is super funny, if you’re in that sort of thing.


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