confessions of an imperfect vegan

well, the good news is: Festival Foods (you know, the grocery store that always has a par-tay! going on inside) started carring vegan “macaroni and alfredo” in a box! and they called me (they’re favorite annoying vegan) on Saturday to say they’d also be carrying vegan “macaroni and cheese” in a box.


the  bad news is: i may-have-kind-of-sort-of bought some shoes with a touch of leather.

just a touch.

HEY! i NEED comfortable work shoes.

and i don’t even care what you think of me.


i don’t.

stop giving me that look.

stop it.

because i don’t care.

and you know what? YOU can judge me when YOU give up cheese for three months.


i TOLD you.

and you know what else!? when YOU want to give me like $550 so i can buy a collection of vegan shoes, send me a check. until then, i really don’t care what you think.


i don’t.

and p.s. my body wash totally isn’t tested on animals, so im thinking that MORE than makes up for the shoes.

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