confessions of an imperfect vegan

well, the good news is: Festival Foods (you know, the grocery store that always has a par-tay! going on inside) started carring vegan “macaroni and alfredo” in a box! and they called me (they’re favorite annoying vegan) on Saturday to say they’d also be carrying vegan “macaroni and cheese” in a box.


the  bad news is: i may-have-kind-of-sort-of bought some shoes with a touch of leather.

just a touch.

HEY! i NEED comfortable work shoes.

and i don’t even care what you think of me.


i don’t.

stop giving me that look.

stop it.

because i don’t care.

and you know what? YOU can judge me when YOU give up cheese for three months.


i TOLD you.

and you know what else!? when YOU want to give me like $550 so i can buy a collection of vegan shoes, send me a check. until then, i really don’t care what you think.


i don’t.

and p.s. my body wash totally isn’t tested on animals, so im thinking that MORE than makes up for the shoes.

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  1. Are you kidding me? Vegans don’t eat or wear animal products of Any kind. No middle ground here. And as for the money, tell it to the animals that were terrified as they were murdered for your shoes.

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